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7 Tips To Finding A Low Cost, Quality Auto Insurance Policy In The HUNTINGTON, NY Region.

Everyone wants the most reasonably priced auto insurance policy available.  Below are 7 helpful suggestions that can save you money.

1.  Consult an auto insurance agent.

Contact an auto insurance agent - preferably an independent agent.  Captive agents (agents who only work for one company), can only sell you a policy that originates from the company they work for.  If you want to shop around, you are on your own.  An independent insurance agent, on the other hand, works with a variety of companies and can assist you in comparing auto insurance quotes to discover the best plan for your needs.

2.  Inquire about discounts.

Insurers often offer a variety of auto insurance discounts.  However, you might miss out on one if you don't ask.  You may be able to save on car insurance if you remain accident-free for a minimum number of years, or if your car has certain safety features.  You may even be eligible to get a discount for being a good student, or working in specific professions.

3.  Try to keep a clean driving record.

Obviously, this isn't something that you can fix after the fact, however accidents or tickets over the past three to five years can have a significant impact on auto insurance rates.  If you have had a good driving record over the last few years, ask the insurance agent if this would qualify you for a safe driver's discount.

4.  Bundle.

We've all seen the commercials, but can policy bundling actually save you money on insurance?  In some cases, yes.  Ask your insurance agent exactly how much you would save overall, if you place more than one insurance policy with them.

5.  When selecting insurance coverage limits, consider the potential risks.

When you buy liability insurance, you'll need to set the maximum amount that your insurer will pay for bodily injury and damage to the other party's car.  Additional coverage can mean you'll pay more for insurance, while lower limits will likely help reduce your premium.  While it may be tempting to choose the minimum amount of coverage required in your state to keep insurance costs as low as possible, consider the possibility of paying an outrageous amount out of pocket for someone else's medical or repair bills after an accident because the costs exceed your policy's coverage limits.  Even if you have a great driving record, you can't predict the future, so selecting higher coverage limits could help save you from a potential financial headache.

6.  Understand deductibles.

Usually, you can lower your auto insurance rate by choosing a higher deductible, which is the amount you pay out of pocket when you file a claim.  A higher deductible means you'll cover more of the costs following an accident.  In exchange, your insurer charges you a lower premium.  However, similar to choosing coverage limits, you're betting against the odds of getting into a situation where you'll need to fork over significant amounts out of pocket.  With a lower deductible, you'll pay a higher premium but face cheaper out-of-pocket costs if you get into an accident.  Because anything can happen, it might be wise to go with a deductible that's somewhere in the middle.

7.  Check your policy to make sure you aren't paying for coverage options you don't need.

Auto insurance companies frequently offer optional coverages that you may not actually need, or optional perks that are already covered via another source.  Avoid these and save money.

Good to Know:  How often should you re-evaluate your homeowners insurance?  Homeowners insurance is a type of financial protection that many people forget about after initially purchasing it for a new home.   Insurance premiums are often included in the monthly mortgage payment along with property taxes and mortgage insurance.  So, it is quite easy to "set it and forget it".  However, most financial experts recommend that you evaluate your homeowners insurance policy annually.

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